Sovereign reflection

Sovereign reflection provides clarity of thought,
a free mind will conquer is what Guru Nanak taught.

So why the constant pleading and outstretched palms?
awaiting justice to be delivered like the giving of alms.

All I see are rallies that spur a wave of lost herds, where
all I hear are speeches that deliver dead words.

Not an ounce of revolution, nor a glimmer sovereignty,
these people are the hallmark of an enslaved identity.

It’s difficult to converse with a mind so conditioned,
a mind continuously taught that it’s not imprisoned.

Sowed with colonial seeds, the cause is deep rooted,
draconian needs of a capitalist all suited and booted.

Subconsciously programmed controlled and depleted,
a tamed beast unaware of a history deleted.

Gone is the annak – that perished decades ago,
now it’s just 3 piece suits and beggars galore.

It’s no longer about the Sarbat of 86,
we’ve lost our way amongst the feringhis abyss.

It’s time to recognise the futility of such methods,
they have no place in the Khalsa’s treasury of weapons.

It’s time we stopped trying to appease the majority,
recognise that the Khalsa supersedes all other authority.

When you knock on the doors of foreign powers,
you turn your back on the Guru and all that he empowers.

He gave us paatishahi but you’ve compromised the soach,
I’ve no time for your manifesto or the allegiance you’ve sought.

I have a higher objective, a greater battle the goal,
Baba Deep’s battle line, still etched on my soul.

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