Indian Cult-Leaders vs Sikh Activists: Comparing the incomparable

On August 26th 2017, T S Sudhir wrote a piece for Huffington Post India entitled “Is Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh The Bhindranwale of The 21st Century?”. The highly provocative title and inflammatory opening paragraphs either demonstrate the author’s warped understanding of Sikh ideology or they are an attempt to malign and misrepresent one of the […]

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How The 1947 Partition Of Panjab Still Impacts Sikh Activism

Across the globe today, national borders typically reflect ethnic, linguistic, and sometimes religious divisions. Take Europe: countries like Italy and Spain are largely home to people who speak Italian and Spanish. Similarly, in places such as Croatia and Hungary the predominant ethnicity is Croatian and Hungarian, respectively. For many across South Asia however, it is […]

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Sikh representation

Last week two politicians from the Sikh community won seats in UK parliament for the first time in history. Both Preet Kaur Gill (MP for Edgbaston) and Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi (MP for Slough) have received recognition and appreciation for their political accomplishments from across the board. Much attention has been placed on their ethnicity and […]

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The real ‘shabeel’ of 1606

It is evident from Emperor Jahangir’s autobiography Tuzk-e-Jahangiri, that Mughal officials had gathered intelligence on the momentum with which Guru Nanak’s revolutionary movement was sweeping across the land. In their eyes, Guru Arjan Sahib’s activities were radically subversive, socially revolutionary and politically dangerous for the Empire. The socio-political landscape in South Asia was being challenged […]

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The Sikh vote – a conscience choice

On Tuesday evening the Sikh Press Association hosted the first ever Hustings event for UK Sikhs. In the spirit of open debate and freedom of speech, the panel included representatives from both the Labour and Conservative parties, as well as a spokesperson from the National Sikh Youth Federation (NSYF). The discussion was centered around questions […]

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I’ve been reflecting over the past week on the relatively new phenomenon that is #langarweek. I understand the need to spread Sikhi, and all efforts to achieve the same must be commended, unless of course there appears to be a distortion of Gurmat brought about from an inaccurate depiction of either Gursedant (Guru’s principles) or […]

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A Sikh response

As an activist and writer I appreciate the importance of providing an informed perspective when it comes to matters affecting the Panth. Knowledge of Sikh history, ideology and polity provides an educated and competent viewpoint. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and any attempt made to open dialogue on matters affecting the Sikh Panth must […]

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Sovereign reflection

Sovereign reflection provides clarity of thought, a free mind will conquer is what Guru Nanak taught. So why the constant pleading and outstretched palms? awaiting justice to be delivered like the giving of alms. All I see are rallies that spur a wave of lost herds, where all I hear are speeches that deliver dead […]

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Dogma of the Indian State

On the 21st of July 2015 Manish Tewari, a lawyer and former Union minister from Panjab, published an article which appeared on the website of the Hindustan Times. The article superbly illustrates the grotesque amount of propaganda that still continues to be churned out by the Indian State regarding Panjab and its recent history. Tewari […]

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